Our IT-Class project: Mathematics trainer in Java
Day 1 (was monday)

TL;DR we didn't save.

So we formed groups and I landed in the UI team with, let's call him Mage and let's call her Goth.

We had an eclipse project folder on our desktop (they said it only works when put on desktop) Btw they didn't even want to use a cloud or something (I wish we'd use git and I'd finally learn it). We should take the changes by USB from computer to computer.

So me, Mage an Goth are making a basic GUI for this Mathematic-Training App. We use this thing from Eclipse but I forgot the name. It has not enough functionality on surface and I hate things that break complex things up to ease things but leave away so much.

So after a productive hour of building a GUI and centering shit by calculating the top and bottom distance and use margins (hurts me really but Mage was designing, Goth intensively calculating on paper), the bell rings.

Mage wants to save the project on my USB-Stick and bamm💥
A black screen.
I don't know how it happened but it sure had something to do with the USB-port looking like you fucked it with a way to huge🍆. It looked damn broken.

So because we have a nice App called HD-Guard, which fucking wipes the desktop on startup and resets all but the documents/images/videos/music folder —

It's all's gone. Today is day 2 of this project so let's see how today turns out.

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    @RantSomeWhere proper IDE? Eclipse is only a bit better than netbeans.
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    @RantSomeWhere we use that at school. But since two students started managing this project, they chose eclipse.

    I dislike working with Java anyways.
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    You should learn git on your own man, it's actually easier than it seems. Look up the beginner guide on Atlassian, it's really well made and great for learning the basics!

    You should also make a private repo on GitLab and have the others join it, so you can all learn the basic Git workflow. Once you get it, it's a breeze.
    And if a professor asks for the code, just copy the files on a usb stick and ram it up his ass!

    (Sidenote: GitHub is cool too, though private repos are not free unless you get the student pack)
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