PCs are a clusterfuck these days. Microsoft has abandoned the niceness of Win-7 and opted for Win-10 - with spyware, untested forced updates and forced online licence checks to make sure you have to get the shit. Macs are total crap, and Apple doesn't care because they instead prefer to milk customers with overpriced iShit. Linux sucks and looks like a Soviet tractor, but at least, it doesn't fuck up itself just by switching it on.

I had Linux as only OS from 2001 to 2010, and while I obviously can deal with it, I finally hated it enough to switch over to Win-7. From 2020 on, it looks like I will be back because Microsoft has managed to fuck up Windows even worse (and then these suckers wonder why Github users don't trust them). Maybe I'll buy a Tux when I install Linux so that I can punch it in the face.

Progress was yesterday - today it's about damage control. Welcome to a world where the brightest CS guys are thinking about how not only to shove up even more ads into peoples' asses, but how to also transmit lab data of the poo.

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    You know, nobody forces you to use a computer...
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    @kamen I do have a self-built abacus, and it works. Thing is that it doesn't run GCC, which I need for embedded systems development. On top of that, I like to browse the internet, and don't even get me started on how much I hate smartphones for that.
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    At least with Linux you can try a few different desktop flavors
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    @jeeper I'll go for something like XFCE or LXDE - a bit oldschool, but reliable. I've never liked Gnome, and KDE has taken the wrong turn since KDE4.
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    @Milenchy hm, taken a look at it - looks Gnomish. With the same grey-in-grey look that makes it hard to read anything.

    I guess I will be heading for Linux Mint XFCE. I hate Gnome, and KDE is nice, but has always been more bleeding than edge.

    My biggest gripe is that I will have to reinstall the whole system every 2-3 years because distro upgrades between LTS tend to not work. But at least, I can schedule that, while Win-10 destroys itself with bad updates that I can't even control.
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    @oudalally we just started making rocks thing relative recently in human history! It’s gonna take some time to get them them thinking properly!
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