Hey guys how's it going, I just wanted to make a thread kinda rant to discuss various ways to keep devrant free of ads. I think as Devs we can solve this problem. Let's do this ☺
P.S - kindly share your thoughts, don't think it's shit, we can always discuss it.

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    One way is to become a supporter on a monthly basis :)
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    @Floydian I believe so, what was it?
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    @Floydian 😄 that's why made separate rant for this.
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    @Voxera true but not everyone has the means sometimes, I still have one month before I can become a supporter .
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    One way is to increase the price of the plan or maybe we can have a premium plan with higher price so people who can support much can take that plan
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    @py2js maybe set minimum amount and no higher limit. Like this it will be feasible for everyone.
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    Move it on blockchain and remove server costs :p
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