I’m reluctant to comment on the github / Microsoft thing because to be honest, the way a lot of people are reacting to it is just completely retarded, and it’s had far too much airtime.

Anyway... if you’re gonna leave GitHub because they’ve been acquired by Microsoft, then just shut up and leave. No one gives a fuck. Least of all anyone at Microsoft, because you’re probably not paying for anything there anyway.

Just fucking go to bitbucket or gitlab already... however I bet the vast majority don’t end up leaving.

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    So I don't have the right to have concerns about it and out them here?

    "nobody cares" - I do.
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    I guess everything is relative. I said the reaction of “a lot of people” was retarded, and it is.

    I consciously took the thought to not say “every reaction is retarded”.

    Also, as to wether anyone cares about any individual leaving or not... I stand by that. No one gives a fuck, least of all anyone at Microsoft.
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    @linuxxx Said it a few times already, you're one of the few to actually have concerns and make legitimate points.

    I saw maybe 4 or 5 people that didn't make posts like "Waaah microshit bought GitHub the world is ending waaah waaah."

    You have the right to have concerns. But people are tired of seeing everyone bitch and whine and only bitch and whine.
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