I'm currently using both kali Linux and Ubuntu on my vmware running a windows 10 OS also using about 5 different android emulators....... is there any way I might be risking my HDD.....making it crash some day????
So confused

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    No, I don't think so. If it does crash, please update us. Thanks for the sacrifice.
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    Why would it crash? If it's an SSD (doubt it) lots of write will kill it

    But for a normal HDD I don't think it will, also if there were lots of write operations your PC will be slow due to wait for data to be ready

    But what you need to give a rest is your RAM they are working hard holding all those together, those poor RAM lol
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    You just expedite the eventual demise of your ssd. But it shouldnt crash for now.
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    Bloody mary. I think you gave 2GB ram each for Linux distros. Android emulator takes around 2GB of ram ( roughly ). I assume Windows 10 uses 5 GB of ram ( not at clean bootup, but after some usage )

    4+5+10= 19 ± 4 gb of ram used as active. Poor RAM :(

    The real poor one is GPU, having to render 7 different OS :(
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    @timlyrics SSD's take at least 1 petabyte of read/write to kill. In practice, it usually takes 2 petabytes to kill it. Newer ones require more.

    That amount is not easily achieved by a daily user. Even with his 7 different OS running 24/7, he still needs at least 2 years to kill it.
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    Hard disks inevitably start to fail at some point but it's not strictly bound to the number of writes like ssds.
    I use VMs a lot, the only advice i can give you is to add at least one other hard drive for performance reasons, i usually run my host os on an ssd and max 2 vms per hard disk but usually just one, if too many programs try to read or write from the same drive everything will slow down.
    If you have a lot of ram you might want to setup a ramdisk and redirect stuff like the temp folder to avoid some writes, and keep an eye at least once a month on the state of hard drive to avoid sudden deaths.
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    @error503 lol you want me to be a living example
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    @exelix my laptop has two hard disk space in the casing and I run a ssd hard disk 750Gb ......
    model: Acer v3 731
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    @RhymeZx Do you mean a single hybrid drive of 750 gb ? I'd add another hdd of 500gb so you can move the vms on another drive away from the os. This is just for performance reasons idk if they wear out over time
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    @exelix I'll do that, I think that is a better idea........
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    @exelix yes a single HDD for now
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