Mentoring experiences eh...

Well, I've mostly been a tutor during my own learning experience.
2 students I hold close to my heart.. Tintin and Akshay, both of which I know the real names but will not disclose in respect to them.

Tintin has learned everything that I've been able to teach him. May I add that I'm really entertained by the fact that he chose a Belgian comic book author as a nickname :P
Either way, he's learned really fast.. especially for being an accounting student academically. He's learned the ropes of Parrot Security OS despite all that, which I'm really grateful for. He's got a strong grasp of security now.

Akshay learned very fast too... He's dualbooting Kali and Arch now apparently. I'm really proud of that. He too has got a strong grasp of security now.

As for me? I've been a student of a guy who's going with the name of virtualghost, as well as some other people.. including Tom Scott and his Computerphile videos. Recently I've sent him an email about AutoHotkey, to which he kindly replied with the reaffirmation that AutoHotkey is indeed a terrible language to code in.. I was quite entertained by that, but also very grateful that he of all people took his time to reply to me. My gratitude goes to you sir.

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    You know, I always wanted to be a hacker. I loved networking a lot.

    There was this teacher from one of top institutes on nation, teaching us networking.

    I was new to Linux world. I discussed with him that I have this Ubuntu CD. He asked me to install.

    Fucker did not guide properly. I nuked my data.

    Hated him for rest of the time. He started being strict only towards me.

    I surprisingly performed well, because I loved networking. He was shocked.

    I'd still love to be a hacker (white hat, maybe?).

    I need a teacher. Looking for one. Interested?
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    @Floydian haha, any time bro. Feel free to hit me up at nixmagic contact com (please assemble the URL, don't want any spambots to find this one). A hint containing my domain is available on my profile. Keeping in mind that I mostly provide links to resources for self-study and just help along the way regarding any specific questions, I'll be looking forward to your inquiry :)
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    @Condor Done.

    Confirm if you received any e-mail.
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    @Condor @Floydian this is why I love devRant. People are so kind here 😊
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    @RantSomeWhere Very kind.

    The community/tribe is wholesome.
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    @Floydian Just replied to your email with some resources. I had some certificate error from my mx1 (where your email was received) though.. self-signed certificate, you see :P so I hope that I didn't reply twice.. either way, happy hacking! I highly recommend testing at hackthebox but also to build a test lab involving something like BWAPP.
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    @Condor Would it be OK if I sent you an e-mail too? I'm also interested in the subject, though I haven't much time on my hands for the moment, I'd like to have these resource links too 😃.
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    @Brosyl sure, go ahead!
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