Really starting to reconsider being a game developer, I can never seem to get anything past engine prototyping. So many idea's, so many concepts, I have the ability to build it but I can't get past the first hurdle and it's really bringing me down...

Don't even have any dev friends to help me out...

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    Don't give up my friend.

    I have this for you.
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    @electric-ghost been trying for the past 9 years and have the same to show as I did day 1
    @antorqs and that helps... But would be nice if I could even get to the sketch stage
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    Well, I'm not a game developer and I've always wanted to be one.

    One I'm not motivated, I like reading other dev's stories, of success and failure.

    Have you read the story behind Duke Nukem Forever?

    Maybe you can get something out of it


    Also, I'm currently reading a book called Blood, Sweat and Pixels and It's really good. Take a look.
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    @antorqs thanks! Well hey if you ever want to try game development feel free to find me, might give me a morale boost, maybe.

    And I'll grab a copy of blood sweat and pixels when my pay comes through :-3
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