Goodbye devrant, maybe I'll come back in a few months. Or maybe I'll go forth to the next community instantly.

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    What happened?
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    jAsE syndrome?

    (no offense meant)
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    says the person who infected devRant with pink *cought* @Alice *cough*
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    @gitpush you should see a doctor about that nasty cough - there's a virus going around where people start seeing pink everywhere.
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    @theKarlisK 😓😓🤔
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    @Alice did not see that coming lol
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    I used to be really active here on the early days. Now, not so much. I think what’s happening is there are too many new comers gouging for ++s and not enough quality rants. Also, I’ve noticed when I do create a quality rant it gets almost no attention other than from people who I know are legit developers. In this day and age it’s cool to be a Dev... so this place is getting a lot of attention from poser types and less by actual developers.
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    @fyroc There is a reason why "buzzwords" and everything related to that works so much, because people (by that I lean a large part of the population), crave it more than they crave oxygen.
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    @gitpush git pull gitpush
    git-apply doctor.patch
    git checkout gitpush
    git push origin gitpush

    #admittedly, I've never actually had to use git from commandline any more than git pull and git clone :/
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    What? Why 😱
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    @gitpush I wish I could upvote your comment multiple times.

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    @Floydian which one?
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    @gitpush says the person who infected..

    No offense to anybody. Just some fun here. Haha.. I love this place.
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    Later nerd
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    @Floydian oh ya I love how people don't take it personally here and understand when it's a joke, as for you my friend, when are you going to infect devRant with black? Will you let the pink side win? What a shame 🤦🏼‍♂️
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    @gitpush check my second last post.

    Team is working really hard. https://devrant.com/rants/1471991/...
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    @Floydian too slow man, Alice trojan infected devRant in few hours, you were quarantined by anti virus I guess 🤷🏼‍♂️
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    @gitpush shouldn't matter.

    We are an underground cult of loyal followers.

    Darkness will rise. Black will rule.
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    @Floydian until then I think I'll need to keep my phone screen brightness to lowest possible, dat pink will make blind lol
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    @gitpush it hurts my soul. Darkness soothes everything.
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    @Floydian Remember kids!
    "The night is dark and full of terrors!"
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    @Floydian and it hurts my eyes, you better act fast -.- :p
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    @Floydian I justupvoted your poll. Black will rise against the pink armies. Let the ravens wreak havoc in their ranks.
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