Today, after searching for 4~ hours for a solution to host a little script that would hide a private API key, I discovered Google Apps Script. What a fucking nice service. Seriously, check it out, you may need it some day.

Anyway I don't understand why Google wants to restrict network access from the Firebase functions when a shitty little script hosted on the same servers can run without any restriction in memory or data transfer. It also provides a cache service, I could save my whole photo gallery on it without them even noticing.

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    GAS is quite nice. I used it to quickly make an endpoint for inserting data into a spreadsheet.

    When I was in uni I had a shirty phone without internet, so I created a Google app script to receive sms notifications whenever a teacher sent me an email. Gmail filter -> Create calendar event at T + 5 minutes -> set calendar to send and 5 mins before events. I never missed an email.
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