Some of you fellow female ranters here at DevRant write such obnoxious, attention-whoring or aggressive shit, which makes you look like underfucked, angsty teenagers. Geeez... If we could stop reinforcing stereotypes that would be great. Kthxbye.

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    Haven't noticed this
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    @fuck2code point proven
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    @j4cobgarby not saying this is common but well... Eventually you'll see. Btw, great profile! You got some good stuff going on.

    Don't get me wrong, the same kind of rant could be about some guys in here.
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    @Autism420 oh thank you :)
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    @fuck2code that's true and a good attitude in my opinion. It's just that the few exceptions alone can mess up your work life. That's why I still think it's a good idea trying to stop reinforcement of those stereotypes.
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    I keep missing these stereotypical female devs 😞
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    I see this. Thank you for saying it, I know if I did I would be absolutely murdered.
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