I just finished ny first feature at my first dev job - a gallery page connected to an api.

It took 2 weeks. About 2 days of programming, but 12 days of fucking css.

Why is css so bloody hard?

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    Are you pre-processing your CSS in any way?
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    Yeah, with less.
    I would want to shoot someone if not for it
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    @Chlodovechus Okay well at least ya got that :)

    Just asking out of curiosity, not to be condescending.

    What were you having issues with?
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    Why can't I use something human to design stuff, like a UI editor with css only to add advanced functionality?

    Why basic stuff like aligning boxes with no overlapping or naking sure content doesn't overflow a box is so complicated?
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    In the end, UI editors still use CSS.

    I feel your pain though, not with CSS, but everyone has something that they hate / see it as the last pain in the ass step that seems to take forever, but needs to be done.

    Not sure if that made sense ^^ You could always try and flip it around in your head. The next time you write CSS, think of it as painting your car (or something else?) You get granular control, and can make it look however you want. Try to make it fun :)
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    @sabbonaut here's how I get round this annoyance.

    * {
    Padding 0; margin 0;

    Top of your style sheet
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    CSS is like a dick.
    It can be fun to play around with, it may surprise you. It may not always do as expected.
    Also, more girls are into it than boys, i believe.
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