How's the bonus system on your company?

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    Non existent
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    The hell is a bonus system
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    @sharktits it is a system where you get monetary rewards when you act like your boss's bitch all year long. you may not get rewarded as much as you like if you just suck your boss's dick and there is another bitch that's licking his balls and sucking his dick.
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    No bonuses here. I've been in a company that had them, and it was mostly a device for management to boast about. In reality, bonuses were irregular and you never knew how much you'd get and when. They were "tied" with the company's performance, which was a way to easily decline giving them. In my experience, bonuses aren't described in employment contracts, so they usually use them when making you an offer to join, when they can't match your desired sallary.
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    Must be similar to yours
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