So... I've been messing arround with my first VPS (with little knowledge of Linux).
First installed lxde to learn how to do it, then back to the terminal. then I started with Apache, watching online tuts ...
Then I changed for nginx... Looks way better.
Installed my sql, php and got stuck. Dropped it for a few days.
Today I restarted, deleted Apache, mysql, reinstalled nginx, my php (with lots of problems because of old instalations). Everything is working now except php.
After going round and arround I changed my focus to relax a bit, and remembered I still have Apache on the firewall...
OK Apache and other stuff that I installed.
Delete everything
New rules only for nginx and reset.
Cant ssh to the server... What?
Oh... Forgot to add rules to OpenSSH...
No matter, I can access the terminal directly on the website....
And it loads to ldxe, with no user set...
Oh BTW I'm in a trial free period with no support...

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    Where are you renting your VPS?
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    There are tradeoffs, and it won't really help you this time. But depending who you're renting from, there may be a cloud firewall that you could use (at least for now).

    DigitalOcean has a pretty decent setup :)
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    I'm testing arubacloud, can't reinstall but I can create another server, will just loose a few days of use.
    I set the firewall... And that's the problem
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    Btw digital Ocean is more expensive, just checked it out
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    @RodrigoF Sorry I think you misunderstood. I was referring to Cloud Firewalls.

    ie: you access it through DigitalOcean's dashboard (or equivalent provider) and manage the rules from there. It doesn't require you to SSH into the VM, so if you forget to create an ALLOW rule for openSSH - no problem, you just add it.

    As for their pricing, their cheapest droplet is $5. I'm not sure what you need in terms of requirements, but it's an option. They've been my goto for years.
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    Oh I see@Rundle oh I see.
    Aruba has that option, but opens lxde, with no user or option to go to the terminal.
    Anyway just created a new server.
    Same server in Aruba is 2€ per month :p
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    @RodrigoF Sounds good! Just keep it in mind as an option, the extra $2 might save some pain (depending on your project)
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    @AlpineLinnix Fair enough :) I've never really looked into either of them.

    Truth be told, I personally use DigitalOcean for their API

    Edit: I've never heard of them because it seems like their mostly EU (I may be wrong?) I'm in NA, we have different providers that are a little more prevalent here I guess.
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    @AlpineLinnix Canada (North America)

    Alright thanks for the suggestions!
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    @RodrigoF a tip I wish someone said way back when I first ventured into the land of NGINX (Took me a while until I figured out why I'm having difficulties running PHP on NGINX) - on Apache, PHP gets loaded as a module, on NGINX you run PHP as a dedicated service and proxy to it through NGINX.
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    @theKarlisK yep, I'm stuck at php.
    Just can't make it work...

    Created a new server, installed nginx, php and mysql. The server is working but can't load php pages :(
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    @RodrigoF What distro are you running (in case of Centos, you might need to check that SE Linux context is set correctly, which you cn check by using: 'ls -lZ')?

    Another thing you can double check is that NGINX nd PHP are running as the same user (PHP will in most cases run as 'www-data' by default if I'm not mistaken), because if they're not it might be a permissions conflict. It can be quickly solved by specifying that NGINX runs as www-data user and group. While you're at it, don't forget to check that the files are either owned by a user that is used for running the nginx or is within a shared group (NGINX won't be able to open and serve files it doesn't have access to).

    Also, have you changed the webroot by any chance? As a security precaution, unless you specify it in the php.ini, PHP will only run from the default webroot (usually: /var/www/) and get ignored everywhere else.
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    Also, make sure your firewall settings aren't too strict and blocking the server connections over the loopback interface.
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    Break stuff and learn :)
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    @theKarlisK what you're saying about PHP being loaded as a module isn't completely true. With Apache you have the option to load PHP as a module (mod_php) but you can just as well use the service (php-fpm) like you mean in Nginx :)
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    @xalys that's the beauty of free VPS :p
    I'll try to install on my vm, since I already know some of the mistakes.
    VPS is running Ubuntu 16, vm mint
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    Bahhhh fuck it. Just can't get php to work. I'll try lamp in other server.
    Btw skysilk is giving free VPS while beta is on test. 1vcpu 512mb ram
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    It's funny... Spent a day trying to get nginx with php to work, blocked a server, now I'm watching a tutorial video to install lamp and it's already working...
    And I'm not even frustrated with the time lost because how much I learned.
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    @RodrigoF That's the best way to learn. Sometimes it takes 2-3 days of confusion, then it'll suddenly click :)
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    Now I have three projects in line and none involve VPS lol
    Still have my two new arduinos waiting... Although I already burned a LCD display because of a faulty part lol
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