First day of a week long vacation and this series of emails comes in (no I didn’t reply to any of these)

Random new QA: “Why does this 5 year old functionality behave this way?”

(10 minutes later)

QA: Okay I saw your out of office message but I really need to know why this behaves this way or else I’m opening a defect because I don’t believe it should behave this way.

Internal me: Heh that’s great kid but you didn’t make the requirements.

(Another 10 minutes pass)

QA: Defect opened, please resolve this before Wednesday.

Oh the joys of enterprise development, I guess if it’s a big enough deal they’ll actually forward it on to the people I put in my away message. I’d love to see that defect holding up the release when I get back on Monday.

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    I'd resolve the ticket once I'm back with "working as intended"
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    “I saw your out of office message” like that’s it. I saw it. I didn’t read it or anything
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    So he is a new QA, and did not set the requirements and ends up saying which is supposed to act like what? Please replace him.
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    @gitpush yeah sadly this is par for the course.
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    @LoneWulfXIII seriously? QA can change requirements? This is bad :\
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    @gitpush nah they can’t change the requirements, they just fail to read them and expect it to do something entirely different...
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    @LoneWulfXIII oh good, that's much better. Well their mistake is they read requirements according to what they see similar system should do, and not why this system was built and what it is solving
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    @gitpush yeah I’m pretty sure our QA are whomever they can find off the street without any real experience. I’ve taken to automating my own QA work so I don’t have to rely on their shoddy work anymore. Makes me feel better about things.
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    @LoneWulfXIII best thing to do tbh in these situations
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