Accidentally clicked "Forgot password" twice, got two emails with the same activation code. Yeah, I think I'll look for how I can delete this account now...

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    Put it on the 'Hub lol
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    Hmm. I didn't tag it with devrant.
    I was talking/ranting about another website.
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    Is it bad security wise when the system has seen there is already a password change active to use the same code when its going to the same person on the same email?

    I personally prefer it like that since sometimes it takes a while and after two minutes I click a resend button and immediately get an email but with an invalid link because a new one has been requested. As long as the token is deactivated after using or a certain time it should be safe right? Or do I miss something?
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    What’s wrong with that?
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    @Codex404 yeah, exactly that... I’m not seeing the issue here.
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    Oh lol, sorry, thought you were talking about devRant, because we do the same thing for the reason @Codex404 said.
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    I guess my fear was a hardcoded activation code. I've seen that before...
    Maybe I'll try to replicate it with another account or after a longer time period.
    Anyways, maybe I should've narrated more extensively, it is NOT about devrant. I happened to see a job posting this evening and then went to the respective website and the rest is picked up by my initial post.
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    @freakazoid633 haha yeah makes sense :)
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