It's finished.

After switching between Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, Manjaro, Antergos and a dozen WM's I've settled for Arch on the desktop.

Took me over a week of trial and error, but it's worth the pain for the level of control you get.

Switching to Linux reminded me much of trying to find out if I liked text editors or IDE's more when I first started programming. I changed tools every day before I settled.

Screenshots of course. Now to actually get back to my JDBC projects before I start obsessing over how to get all my apps on the terminal. :D

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    Welcome to the darch side, we have cookies
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    Wallpaper link pls
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    @Brosyl still haven't sent out the privacy change emails yet so yes and no
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    @Floydian Thanks for that. Few people get that about my username.

    It's sorta funny, but I pick out a wallpaper and then decide "Now how do I make the whole OS fit around that?"
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    @RantSomeWhere The shell is zfs to reduce bloat as much as possible. i3 and bspwm commonly use it.

    There is no DE installed. I wanted to keep my build simple but still usable for general use. The WM is Openbox with polybar as the status bar.
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    That screen shot looks like something right out of some japanese sci-fi anime mate. Cool
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    Lol, I never heard of those Arch-based distros until people started coming to Arch IRC asking for help on them.
    Good for you; you've matured.
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    Now, try Gentoo ;)
    I have mostly the same setup, but diff. wallpapers.
    Background: via feh
    Shell: zsh (Agnoster theme from ohmyzsh)
    Terminal: Termite
    WM: i3
    DE: none
    Browser: Firefox graphical; (E)Links TUI
    Music: CMus
    No pics right now (on phone)
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    Fedora works for me. No hate for Arch. Peace
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    Wow that color scheme and top bar look so similar to arch labs default setup 😅😅
    Beautiful though ♥️♥️♥️
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