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    @Haxk20 arch users never miss an opportunity to name their distro.

    Stereotype. :P
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    I think I have gained a reputation for doing this on devrant... So keeping up with the stereotype, yay!! Arch😍😍
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    That's just a stereotype guys. Btw I use Arch.
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    Never used arch...
    Currently use gallium on my Chromebook
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    - How do you know if a Linux user runs Arch?

    - Don't bother, they'll tell you themselves
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    Too lazy to do that stupid meme but the different layers of fanboyism:

    -Liking computers ((picture of person))
    -Liking a specific operating system ((picture of person with glowy brain))
    -Liking a specific distribution of a specific operating system ((picture of glowy ultra God))
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    So should I shame myself for using Manjaro?
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    As an arch user, I agree.
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    Yeah, the distro game again :) why are people so proud of being able to manually format their hard drives?
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    I miss Apricity OS... 😞
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    @fox8091 fdisk, dd or whatever can be used on any distro to control partitions the way you want. I just can't understand why this stereotype user feels superior because he installed arch via command line. dont get me wrong, I like arch for private use, just can't see why people are so proud of having mastered to make it work. Maybe it's because they can show that they understood the basics of a Linux operating system and blame 'noobs' for using a gui. Once you know how to 'own' your Linux OS you should leave the old flame wars behind as the choice of distro (if you have one) is of minor importance. Just my 2cents after using any kind of *nix for x years now.
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    @fox8091 @irene you both are right :) wondering why 'Linux From Scratch' isn't that popular then
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    @Zennoe Not at all. Just because Majaro is not really Arch (different and delayed package sources) and therefor some people don't like manjaro.

    I never used Gentoo, but I in general there is no (at least common *cough*Hanna Montanna*cough*) distro you should shame about.

    It just a joke.
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    @irene When should one choose Arch over other distros? I'm looking to install a Linux distro on my lappy, but I can't decide which one. Anything specific to look for before deciding?
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    guilty.. i also say im using arch even if im running ubuntu with i3
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    gentoo / slackware 😎
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    This is totally not true.

    - An ArchLinux user
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