Started working on a per project in Rust (first time using Rust) .. a scripting language.

Rust is great, so fast, compiles in 0.5-1.2seconds on my $200 laptop as well! Pretty rare for safety, speed, AND compile speed to exist in one beautiful language.

Also my scripting language is the opposite of beautiful. Oh God.

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    Have you tried D? I got addicted a year ago, but I'm gonna try Rust for the fun of it.

    But my damn Chromebook running Gentoo fucks up with Cargo shit...
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    @anArchLinuxer no I haven't but I've heard good things. I may try it once I find a project to make with it, thanks for suggesting. Any cool repos in D you make/know?
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    I haven't put it up yet, but I'm making a custom standard library cos their standard library is truly shit. Not in code, but in performance and size. I like system programming, and a good example is PowerNex. The only thing weird about it is that it uses a cross compiler for DMD (the reference implementation). If you are making a project and want control and optimizations, use GDC.
    You could just search github with `language:d` and check out what comes by. You can do crazy higher-level shit, though, even though I generally stay away from that.
    Also, metaprogramming in D is freaking awesome. You can write the whole fucking program to run at compile time if you obey a few rules.
    Best place to get addicted to D (with editable examples): https://tour.dlang.org
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