Is it possible to make games on hit anime's like bokuno hero academia, naruto.. Without facing any copyright issues?
If no, what all specifications should I look forward to cater?

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    Yes if you keep it for yourself and let people play at home.
    No otherwise, but contact the creators. I once got assets for a game from another game studio because I wanted to port their game to pc.

    Not a lawyer
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    Something simple like a flappy bird but with ani me characters
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    @Codex404 but I want to publish it too
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    @electric-ghost maybe in future, if the game's a hit, I would like to monetize it. But not for now. Anyways I guess, contacting the creator is the first step needed
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    @ardnahcimor then contact the creators.
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    Pretend it's about different (similar) characters or ask for permission. If you use their work you need their "okay." obviously.

    For case one, there were successful stories (Arial & Helvetica, Segoe UI & Frutiger) and cases where the copycat got fucked (Mobile Legends got sued by Riot games)
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    @D--M I dont know WHAT. THE FUCK you have read but most comments say there are copyright issues....
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    You all gave retarded answers like;

    "If x then its okay"
    "X does it, so i guess you could"

    When the real answer to give OP is a straight "yes there are issues, dont do it" because obviously he has no idea wtf he is doing.
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    @D--M if you are making it for just your household its allowed.

    Otherwise you need permission. So yeah the IF x is needed.
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