Is it possible to make games on hit anime's like bokuno hero academia, naruto.. Without facing any copyright issues?
If no, what all specifications should I look forward to cater?

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    Yes if you keep it for yourself and let people play at home.
    No otherwise, but contact the creators. I once got assets for a game from another game studio because I wanted to port their game to pc.

    Not a lawyer
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    Something simple like a flappy bird but with ani me characters
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    @Codex404 but I want to publish it too
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    There are a couple of unofficial Sword Art Online games for Android, so I guess so. Contact the author and ask permission out off politeness. It all comes down to whether you want to make money or not.
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    @electric-ghost maybe in future, if the game's a hit, I would like to monetize it. But not for now. Anyways I guess, contacting the creator is the first step needed
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    @ardnahcimor then contact the creators.
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    Pretend it's about different (similar) characters or ask for permission. If you use their work you need their "okay." obviously.

    For case one, there were successful stories (Arial & Helvetica, Segoe UI & Frutiger) and cases where the copycat got fucked (Mobile Legends got sued by Riot games)
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    The flying fucking fuck is wrong with you guys.

    Of fucking course there are copyright issues.

    Jesus fucking christ.

    To avoid legalities, you would have to create your own characters which share a similar likeness but not close enough that it could confuse people if they were side by side, at which point if your already stretching it that far;

    Make your own god damn fucking characters instead of cashing in on someone elses IP.

    SERIOUSLY, fuck seconds of god damn google.
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    @D--M I dont know WHAT. THE FUCK you have read but most comments say there are copyright issues....
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    You all gave retarded answers like;

    "If x then its okay"
    "X does it, so i guess you could"

    When the real answer to give OP is a straight "yes there are issues, dont do it" because obviously he has no idea wtf he is doing.
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    Yes you can. Here, its called doujinshi. If you get too much profit from it, there's gonna some issues, tho.
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    @D--M if you are making it for just your household its allowed.

    Otherwise you need permission. So yeah the IF x is needed.
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