Those corperate slow laptops which has preinstalled software on it. Especially the antivirus which decides to take up all memory to take a scan on 08:00 when you start up.

Im really close to throwing this piece if shit through the window...

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    Maybe you should rather throw out windows...
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    Mine has an always scanning A/V that regularly takes up 50-60% of my CPU and management wonders why they’re slow...
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    WTF they make you program on windows?
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    You may want to give Linux a shot if you've never used it. In a nutshell, it's a lighter, more secure, and more customisable OS. And it'll take a little getting used to it. I'd suggest you try elementary OS or Ubuntu since you can try a Linux distro without installing it
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    @LabMember003 Oh linux is no problem, I really like elementary OS but sadly for my work we dont have much choice.... but thanks for the tips!
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    @EpicNewton No worries, man
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