Hey guys, can you give me some opinions about Contabo VPS?

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    Well, alot of crap is being hosted there
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    @J-2FA mostly websites and some Minecraft servers
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    I use it for hosting a Windows VPS. I've found them very good value and their customer service is excellent.

    I'd recommend them.
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    Yes I can. Have five vps's with them. My blog, lynkz.me, ip-thingy.com, swearing.cloud-thingies.online and fuckoff.services all run on one of them which I especially hire for devRant related stuff!

    Uptime and performance is good and their support and prices are as well imo :)
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    @linuxxx How's the DDoS protection?
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    @Proximyst Good imo! At host level I can't notice much but also have CSF deployed so that's good
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