My God, MongoDB + GraphQL is one of the best combo in JS. Absolutely loving it!

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    Throw in some obscure framework like express or electron, and you are done with the 100% effective vomit pill.
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    @sharktits neither of those are obscure though
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    @beegC0de im lucky enought to have not met enough frameworks that rival these in obscurity
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    @sharktits what kind of stuff do you use?
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    @sharktits express is a obscure framework?
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    @beegC0de personally only use vue, and my team is now using electron for a veeeery thin desktop client. Other than that i try to stay away from js.
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    @sharktits Lol, it seems you went out of your way to mention some of the least obscure JS frameworks out there...

    And we’re talking about JS here which says something
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    Yeah GraphQL... A horror story you can tell your kids and they start to piss themselves again.

    Why to use (finally) industrial standard REST, when we can use RPC-like shit with one endpoint... Forget caching, tooling, methods, urls, even fucking json (for queries). Another shit which claims it's better that standardised, wildly accepted solution, while it locks you down to it like fucking crack. Every feature GQL has, can be with little effort, implemented by REST.

    A: Why isn't your service using GraphQL ?

    Me: Because we are not twats.

    Resist the hipsterness, rise above, go REST.

    Cap'n out.
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    @meyhem if it doesn't fit your requirement don't use it. You can do caching and batching with Graphql. Or do you just hate everything that is new?
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    @tahnik I love new things, I just don't like reinvented wheels with historical mistakes just because big company is pushing it.
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