Even the comic's artist hates PHP!

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    Most of them never used PHP, just hatred from some stupid people
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    @const PHP is hated for stupid reasons by some people who never used it and disliked for very valid reasons by people forced to use it daily.

    It is however only liked by stupid people who don't know better.
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    @ItsNotMyFault can't argue with that
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    Are you sure in the second part? Can you be sure?

    It is like someone says that all c# developers are all unicorns ( or gay or a mistake in born or anything theese haters find funny)

    But can be it for sure?
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    Jesus fucking Christ. People get a fucking life. Php runs the fucking internet, good luck getting rid of it :p
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    People: PHP is shit. Fucking so shit it's toxic. Why do people use it. Fucking piece of shit isn't working.. oh I made a typo. Uh.... nah nah it's still shit.
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    @ScribeOfGoD yet interestingly enough once you take out all the WordPress blogs and one click installers on webhotels, you aren't left with many sites.

    And what powers the sites that most people use. Like Netflix, reddit, twitter, and so on, well php ends up not powering very much :)
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