Went to my first Hackathon this weekend.
There was 6 of us, 3 devs (including me) and 3 business guys for the presentation and info gathering

The 3 business guys wouldn't show us any of their work, but we're demanding to see all of ours.
Bothering us every 5 minutes to see 2her4 23 are and what's left

Then 1 of 3 business guys accused one of my devs of deleting half of their PowerPoint presentation. That turned out to be bullshit. Looked in the edit history and the business guy was the one who deleted them.
We brought it up to them all, and they got all defensive.

Then, before they revoked our access to the PowerPoint they removed us from the presentation entirely.

Their final presentation contained an app(APK only) we spent an all nighter on, and pictures of a few of the wireframes we did.

I immediately went to an event organizer, filled a complaint. Showed the wireframe project, the source code of the APK they used, and told her they just dropped us and stole our work. She went to them, they couldn't prove they did the work

They are now banned from future hackathons at this place.

I do not appreciate being fucked with, and more so don't like it when you try to fuck my friends. Honestly want to send an email to the business guys workplace and inform them their two top employees are thief's.

The positive thing I took from this is me and my dev team built a stronger relationship and found out we work amazing together.

/Rant about trash humans

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    Nice work!
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    unfortunately this is how it works in real life too. Stay savvy!
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    Do it. Send the fucking email. Burn their ass.
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    And congratulations to their families. Fuck them all.
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    There's a famous term my uni has for business students (future business guys). "Snakes".

    Pretty sure that's how most of them will turn out.

    On the other hand, kudos.
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    Last part about the hackathorn staff asking business guys for proof was the FATALITY right there. Good FINISH THEM move.
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    I have concluded that "businessmen" are people who can do nothing of use and wish to gain status and money by deceiving, manipulating and fucking over other people.
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    This post makes my week!
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    business people sucks
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