Considering destroying my 3 year old car with a sledge hammer. Only 40k miles on it and it’s the worst I’ve ever owned. I’ve driven it more tenderly than you could believe and it’s on its third transmission. Fucked up as hell. All of my other cars I drove to 300k miles on the original transmission. It isn’t me folks. Pissed off. Somebody calm me down before I pound a small fortune into a pulp.

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    just had car issues too v_v

    gl. ya f that pos. put a new trans in and get rid of it. i wouldnt get the same brand or parent company/model again after that.
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    WAIT. You can't destroy it. Not until I get there so I can help you. I wanna smash something too. :D

    So once I manage to get over there, then you can smash it. (With me, of course.)
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    Buy a lambo instead 😊
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    @Root true!
    @frodoswaggins is that rockstar developer that management is always talking about. A Lambo is a must!
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    What car you got? I've currently got a ford sitting on my drive in pieces and I've got the same feelings towards that
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    I hope those trans replacements were under warranty.
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    @spongessuck they were but the next one probably won’t be. My BMWs lasted eons, and this is a Subaru. The irony runs deep.
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    @Root @heyheni aw shucks guys =) I do think I’m going to buy another old bmw though, had a great experience with them thus far. Then again I don’t want that to change...
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    @oudalally I never minded the $$$y repairs on bmws, as long as things lasted as long as I thought they should. Ex. I rebuilt my engine at 200k on my first e39, which imo was a perfectly acceptable time for a rebuild, and I was willing to buy 6000 dollars in parts, whereas 3000 miles is not an acceptable lifetime, and it didn’t matter to me how cheap it was.
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    @Michelle you got it! Hopefully I can keep my temper under control though.
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    @oudalally haha yeah I have two of them, that’s how much I like em!

    E36 is the best 3 series. Maybe not as pretty as the e46, but better all together.
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    Ahh its a street fighter bonus round in real life ^^
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