A few weeks ago I posted that my boss allowed to use python for a project we gonna start soon.

Well, after trying out python for one of my side projects, now I think that I should stay with PHP after all.

I mean, python is nice and everything, but as I observed it has it’s own problems. One of them that confused shit out of me was python 2 and 3 versions. Just what the fuck, even php manages successfully migrate to new versions (well I can think some possible explanations, but it doesnt change the fact). I also didn’t like OOP, no interfaces (just abstract classes), no properties visibility (just notion by standards). And then, there are hell too much features, just why they try to make functional language from oop one (i mean all the types system)? Finally, it’s slow. Yeah, yeah, I know, use pypy, cpython.. well, I don’t want to, cuz again it’s fucking confusing. And besides all the amazing ecosystem python has, there is no actual win by ditching php.

Well, to be honest I don’t know what to do, I am supposed to be professional who does, but fuck it, I am confused as fuck, why programming is so fucking hard?

Maybe I just should use golang in conjuction with php?

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