Why is nobody talking about Article 13? It's even worse than the Net Neutrality thing!

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    Because you can just VPN to the US. Problem solved (unless you're a website developer that will be effected. In that case you're still fucked).
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    What is the fucking EU smoking?
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    @tiberius1900 that doesn't solve the problem. It will inevitably become part of trade negotiations between the US and EU, and we'll all lose anyway.
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    @AlpineLinnix If you ever need vpn, I suggest Swiss one - less ping + Switzerland is not under EU/US jurisdicrion and not a member of so-called "14-eyes surveillance" (Norway IS), most of them don't even keep logs - so generally they are quite nice.
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    Article 13 is itself copyrighted material meaning that you can't talk about it or reference it anywhere without paying a fee. Hence it's not seen anywhere on the net.
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