What do functional programmers eat?

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    Looks like what we call "namkeen" in india. It is probably western version of that. Nice snack :-P
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    Nitro infused cold brew coffee. But this looks good .
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    Coffee & 🍦?!
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    @sladuled tat is affogato , Gelato ' drowned ' in espresso . Cold brew coffee is coffee brewed in cold water for sixteen to twenty - four hours . This process reduces or eliminates the acidity , making a smoother drinking experience . The caffeine buzz is also a bit longer & spaced out . A great experience all around .

    Infused with nitrogen makes it nicely effervescent . I used to drink a lot of coffee throughout the day ; depending on the amount of work that needs done , I drink no more than two now .
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    As a functional programmer and an Indian, I must say that this lines up very nicely indeed.
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    @JDMatto Hehe we call that ledema kava/ice coffee. Though out of my country ice coffe or eiskafe is only made with ice rocks..which is a shame.. :/
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    @JDMatto Unfortunately, no nitrogen in my Staged Event-Driven Architecture ;)
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    @sladuled Hot coffee over ice / that is blasphemy !🔥☃️🌧🚫
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