just tell me
why docker is slow af in osx even with pci ssd
all i want is a working machine with docker,
actually i have arch on desktop so i dont care so much but sometimes i cant understand why people uses this osx? is there really good reason? except exlcusive programs? evey time i switch to my desktop i feel more more happy

i want to argue that because i have it and i hate it, change my mind

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    First: Docker may be slow because of RAM or some other issue. I have 16GB RAM and everything works great even hundreds of tabs in Safari and Chrome simultaneously.
    Second: Why OSX ?
    When I was first introduced to computers it was Win 92, I spend approx 10 years with Windows (Win 92 - Win ME). I started programming on Windows first BASIC (GW and Q) and then C. Then One day I got introduced to Linux (Ubuntu). I tried few OSs at that time (Ubuntu, Fedora etc.) and setteled with Fedora (Fedora 8 or 9 cant remember). After 11 reinstallations and 9 crashes I learned linux. I tamed it. I still love it. Over the time I tried Slackware, Sybon (something like that), Arch, Gentoo, Free BSD, Debian, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Red Hat, Suse etc. Each and every distro has its own uniqueness and beauti. Then I got a chance to work with MBP. I got surprised to see that I do not need any thing to configure or cusomize. Whenever I used to install any linux distro, I spent hours installing n number of things. At that time I started using OSx . May be I moved on with customization of the environment and now I just want the things to get done. Still I use Windows at work, OSx at home, and have a VM running Fedora and Ubuntu at work. After these many years, I prefer to finish up the things without investing any time, if someone comes to me with their Linux issues, I happily provide solutions based on experienece and they works, still. I dont get enough time to think about OSes, Editors, Spaces, Tabs, Tools. I just need to get it done for now and for always.
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    Got 8gb ram each side but linux works 10 times faster than the docker i installed to osx and you re right every os has own beauti but i just fall in love with arch and eveytime something bad happens on osx, she saves me also things needs to get done thats very important in business, we cant say things to customer they dont care etc etc. Thanks for your answer
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    As for how anyone can like OSX: I believe most Crapple fanboys have a mild form of the Stockholm syndrome: they were held in the basement of OSX/iOS and its restrictions and rape of user rights long enough that they identified with their captor. This is actually a natural instinct as we subconsciously assume that any of our emotions are reciprocated by the other side and this increases the chance of survival. Crapple however exploits this behavior in a way similar to most psychopaths.
    Most of these OSX Stockholm cases can be cured by actually reading a Crapple license agreement and administering high doses of Linux, preferably GNU, to the HDD/SSD of affected devices.
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    In short, under Linux it uses your own kernel, under osx it still behaves kind of like a virtual machine.
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    That explains the slowness
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