Can you please help me choose between jQuery and Vue.js or both?

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    This... This isn't a real question right?

    They're not really equivalent things. Vue is an entire frontend framework whereas jQuery is more of an addition to a frontend.

    If you really want/need to I'd say Vue and jQuery UI is probably your best bet.
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    Dafuq? ^^
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    @Charon92 Thanx for clearing my doubts.
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    VueJs, how is this even a question?
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    Whattya want? A carpet or a car?
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    @htlr a car with carpet
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    @C0D4 what if it comes along with the car already? 😂😂
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    @htlr we are talking about jquery vs vue not nodejs 😂
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    @C0D4 Exactly put node out of the equation, it still works 😂
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    Get jQuery first. Write an app with it. Delete that app. Burn the computer with a blowtorch. Realize jQuery is from two decades ago. Use vue, which is beauty defined.

    In that order.
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    If you have to ask yourself that then you might not need either of them
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    vueJS - future jQuery
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