The owner of a local franchise keeps asking me about my business. Told me he wants to have a website so people can order online and also order for delivery. I went back there today and it was the first time I brought up the subject. He said they are still thinking about it. Planning with head office.

Any advice on how I should proceed? Should I not bring it up again and just wait?

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    Looks like they are interested but not ready yet. I think you should wait for them to contact you. In this meantime, let them know you are available to answer any questions they have, and perhaps create a project proposal.
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    There are countless tips I can give you:

    1. Try the 45 second rule. Explain everything and wait for 45 seconds for them to make a decision. DO NOT INTERRUPT or you'll loose the chance.

    2. Change the voice of sentences, to get a desired answer. This colour will look great on website, won't it? They'll answer yes. Always.

    3. Show them the benefits of having a website. Tell them that if they get a website their sales will go up, they'll get more publicity, you have a good experience in this website thing.

    4. Show them you are busy with many projects. Don't sound or look needy. Even if you are act confident.

    5. Show them your past work. Get them the review of previous clients.

    6. Do a prototype for free. Then once they are in love with it, propose the entire plan.

    7. Under promise. Over deliver.

    More can be found on YouTube. Seach for sales videos or start-up pitch videos.
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    He has approached you multiple times, but they have not yet done anything? sounds weird tbh, could be a multitude of things why they say it, so it's like a guessing game and minefield

    I myself would probably indirectly pressure, by asking for the progress of the "planning" or smth., but as said it's a minefield and could easily go wrong, if they are absolute knuckleheads 😶
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    Before you do anything else: go to YouTube and watch this video: https://youtube.com/watch/... and take everything that man says to heart.
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