So we have duplicate code because dumb devs thinks Bootstrap (4) is kick-ass for mobile. 😒 Can't do jack with their tables.

I told them to use Flexbox instead. Bootstrap (even 4) is antiquated and there's better options.

My recommendation is to use Flexbox Grid with React to build a modular living style guide with built in unit testing for styles and interactions.

Basically got told that my opinion is just an opinion and is the same as using Bootstrap. 😭

Anyone have some solid "facts" on Bootstrap I can use in the long run? We haven't even launched anything and we're already in technical debt because of this stupid framework decision. Someone please help. 😞

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    Ask them to watch grid system on youtube
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    Bootstrap has a class "table-reposive" which enables sidescrolling when needed
    Basically u can do same things with flex and bootstrap as my experience is.
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    This is why I don't understand why people's go-to is Bootstrap. 😭
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