I don't understand this day to day windows bashing. Been using Win10 since release and didn't had a single problem.

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    Stockholm syndrome
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    @hashedram I have to google it every damn time... xD

    @OP Me too. But I am also using Linux parallel and the only thing keeping me from changing is Visual Studio
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    I’ve been using windows since 3.11
    Windows 3/95/xp/7 all worked well.

    Windows 98 always had some issues
    Windows ME didn’t know how not to shit its self
    Windows 8 / Vista should never had existed
    Windows 10 is more stable but every update I have reinstall some driver or another plus I can’t install office as it thinks it has it installed even though office has never been on this HDD before.

    Nothing like Bluetooth shitting itself and thinking the battery on the mouse went flat.
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    @C0D4 why are yu being mi?

    I am him and you are mi? Why?
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    @C0D4 True that "Floydian". That's my main issue as well, it's really hard to have a stable environment when they keep pushing features that you don't need (e.g. Paint 3D). Thank God this issue isn't as bad with the LTSB version.
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    Lucky U 🤭
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    @Jilano we have enterprise at work, and it’s only real flaw is my Microsoft Mouse disconnecting from Bluetooth several times a day.

    I don’t see anywhere near the same level of problems between home/pro and what comes through to enterprise.
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    @hypervtechnics for me visual studio is a reason to switch to linux
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    @host127001 I dont wanna start a Visual Studio - Yes Or No discussion. But I never had issues with Visual Studio and its a huge tool to assist while coding C# and other stuff. I am comfortable to work with VS. Others might not but thats the reason why there are so many IDEs out there and you can choose freely :)
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    - closed source
    - Microsoft integrated within mass surveillance network
    - spying on their users way too much

    To name a few. (imo)
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    @coolmox you deserve a ++ for bravery and honesty. Thanks to be u
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