(Once upon a time at a polyglot conference)

A: How many languages do you speaks?
B: 3,
C: 4,
Me: 3, but that doesn't include the dead languages

A: Wow, you mean like Latin or Sumerian?
Me: Nope, like Pascal, COBOL and BASIC.


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    Actually, they are not dead, stupid orgs and govs use them

    And also, pro-tip: there’s a joke/meme button when you create a post
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    What can I say? I'm just a noob. 😜
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    I learned Pascal in highschool (Finished it 1 year ago). Some teachers laughed about it. Like why laugh tho
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    @thatgirl you are right. They laugh because they have a sad life.

    Please continue programming and learning new concepts as you go along or it will begin to be boring and you will miss a world of creativity and incredible joy with the things you can do with all digital machines.
    You can also become pretty rich, pretty quick if you are lucky and intelligent.
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    @bioDan ah, yes. Deffinetely! I learn more stuff at uni now. It was just they laughed about me starting with something old
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    All said and done, this is funny post!
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    @S-Homles-MD @S-Homles
    Is there something going on?
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    @gitlog am an MD now. 😃 Mother Ducket. 😂
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    Not sure about BASIC or COBOL, but boy I haven’t even heard anyone mention the word Pascal in probably 20 years! Talk about a dead language!

    I mean if imperative, procedural programming is your thing, by all means go ahead! But why you would use Pascal over C I can’t fathom.
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    @devios1 oh, there's more to it. Talked about word pricessing and database(yup, they actually said database). Punked them with WordStar and Lotus. 😂 when it came to games, told them Digger and Alleycat.

    Funny, funny day. 😂
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    I miss Applesoft BASIC.
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