Just started learning C++. Might end up writing an essay when I write an actual program.

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    This looks sleek, is this your desktop ? what DE is it
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    @GTom wanna know too
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    Just leaving a 📌 for the desktop type
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    Looks like gnome with some tweaks
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    @IllSlapU well there missing the params for main, should be int main(void) {} (or the params with args) also they never endl the cout, they also leak std which isn't a big deal here but if they use that in a include somewhere it's bad practice..
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    @GTom @BambuSource @resdac Its Ubuntu with arc-dark gtk theme. Yes this is my desktop. I am dual booting Ubuntu and MacOS on my school MacBook air
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    @hexc It's totally fine and actually good practice in most scenarios NOT to use std::endl but just use "\n" instead. Really the only thing here that isn't that great is using std namespace, but it doesn't do any harm in a "Hello, world!", so I don't see any real issues here.
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    Ohh...if a "Hello World" annoys you, wait until you manage pointers, data structures...just learn and have some fun with the compiled world
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    You forgot the parentheses after main
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    Move to Ruby. Thank me later :)
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    @BambuSource GNOME with Arc Theme.

    Also I suppose he's using Papirus Icons.
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    Where can I download these wallpapers?
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    should be on /r/unixporn
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    I would suggest to use puts and printf instead of iostream, imho much easier to write and use in many cases.
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