Thoughts on Brave (browser)?

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    After using it for a while I would say it's much like chrome. However, it seems to really like to try to play audio, even if there is no audio to be played, (for gifs and such). And thus it pauses whatever other audio you are playing. Which I find to be irritating.
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    It's from the BAT crypto token team.
    Monetizing ads and stuff.
    Theoretically Nobel stuff
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    @BigBoo it's based on chromium

    it's basically just chrome w/ ad blocking stuff and https everywhere

    which...are the only 2 add ons i use anyways (ublock for ads)
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    i realize re-reading this that it's not ranty enough

    why the fuk bother making something with 2 plugins baked in? i know plugins aren't direct code so it's a bit faster but. why?
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    @zlice they probably wanted to show off with an orange lion...
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    I like it but no addons :/
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