A freelancer I know just told me this:

Client: You haven't been working for the last two weeks.
Him: Acutally I have. *checks git* I made over 50 commits the last 10 work days.
Client: I don't see them.
Him: Have you pulled from the remote?
Client: *akward silence* *hangs up after one minute*

Needless to say he was pissed.

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    This is gold.
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    @fuck2code the freelancer.
  • 11
    @fuck2code because he lacked common sense.
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    How embarrassing.
  • 7
    Oh I had something like this happen to me once.

    I told my client "did you see the 'develop' branch?", then it got a bit awkward (for him).
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    Yeah c’mon if you’re going to accuse the dev of not working make sure you know what you’re talking about...
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