Can we have a "it takes like 3 seconds to google this" downvote option?

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    @Linuxxx doesn't use Google.

    So, your feature request has been rejected already.
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    "it takes like three seconds to search engine this" - 👌
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    @linuxxx just rolls off the tongue, doesnt it?
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    I think some questions actively encourage discussion and let's not forget personal experience stories, which could help shape a mentality about a certain topic. If it were up for vote, I'd be against this.
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    @julianmd you have the "not for me" option yet i strongly believe you dont downvote every other rant, do you
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    @sharktits As your rant isn't officially the vote for the feature, I have no reason to use the downvote button.
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    I don't see the problem with this feature....some rants go balls out cussing and damning something that couls have easily been googled.
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    @AleCx04 Speaking of...
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    @sharktits Well after saying it by default for ages, yes it does.
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    @julianmd I know what a rant means dickhead :D it does not take from my point one bit. Kinda like ranting for putting water where your coolant goes :D sure rant and whine all you want, still does not take from the fact that the whole damned thing could have been prevented by knowing what you are doing through....wait for it!!!......research!!!
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    Status update this gave me a project idea
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