Why can't every programming language have the same syntax? Imagine how many fewer mistakes you would make...

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    why dont we have one language, we would understand anyone
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    I think its because programming paradigms.

    Syntax won't be exactly the same, because each paradigm defines a different coding style, given you have to express your ideas and algorithm building in a way that anyone can read (that's were convention comes in)

    Just to take an example, APL has a weird syntax (if you don't know math notation) and even its own set of characters, but its because it relays purely on math.
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    Or because companies have to sell products. Because someone that controls a platform is slow to adopt better solutions. Because... there are many reasons.
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    Because the only way you could have one programming language for all concepts is if you program directly in an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) which essentially means you will be writing in a dialect of Lisp.
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    then it would be only one language to learn 😃
    yeah that's better😆
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    @Fixxel that would be awesome
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    Learn Lisp. It's fresh since 1958, and you will have learnt a lot of langs in one go. No, not Go. But a lot.
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