I think I should quit coffee. Just had 3 cups, feeling dizzy and don’t feel productive at all.

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    Not enough coffee then, drink another one!
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    @Cheeseus I would probably die then, because of caffeine overdose
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    @gintko Nooooo you'll be fine, trust me, I'm an engineer!
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    go eat a bunch of sugar and fat*, and don't do it again.

    your metabolism is jacked
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    Try reducing your coffee intake (to 2 cups, for instance) and check after a week if the coffee is more effective on you.
    I like having 2 cups a day, one at about 9:30am and another one after lunch, at around 1:30pm and I find that it helps me more than, say, 5 cups a day (yeah, tried that mistake).
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    I guess it also depends on your stressors for the day. If there's a crazy production incident and everyone is screaming and praying, maybe a cup of coffee may not be the best decision. Try increasing your water intake.
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