Gotta love the permanent temporary solutions.

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    Once you already have a working solution, it becomes very hard to come up with a better one - even if the first is really bad.
    I taught myself to aim for the best solution from the start, no matter how much time it takes. But I guess that's not always possible.
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    a.k.a. "i ll refactor in the next PR"
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    Temporary, I hope hope hope
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    I heard so much "'do it the fastest way, we'll find time to refactor later" that I now just refuse to believe it.

    It never EVER happens (or 2 years later if you are lucky you get a bit of time).
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    @Fradow Funny thing is you'll often end up spensing more time refactoring than doing it properly the first time.
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    @theMaintainer I know right! Spent the whole day yesterday learning about recursive SQL queries to be able to add some pretty complicated constraints.

    Already knew what would happen otherwise: users would find a way to do shit, or a bug would happen and my DB would have bad data in it. Which would take way more than a day to fix properly, and would get pissed users.
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