Why is everyone ranting about JS ?
I dont see how it's that bad ..

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    1. Types defined at runtime (can be overcome using typescript though)

    2. Same story as PHP, the language is good, but it's the people who shit on it. Since it's relatively easy to pickup, shit code can be seen and it's bounced back to being "js's fault"

    3. Ridiculous amounts of frameworks has given the language a bad name. The normalisation of jQuery for example. If I were to post a JavaScript question on stackoverflow, I'd get the answer in jQuery (unless I specify vanilla js only).

    There are prolly more, but I casually use js and can't comment on more than this :)
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    @RAZERZ jQuery is not a framework...it's a library...sorry if nitpicking

    And JS gets fucked by the browser vendors...not JS itself...and by browser vendors I mean Apple!
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    JQuery is still kind of painful to use, but that's what happens when you have a semi-language in a stateless(ish) environment. JQuery is, however, what I would have preferred vanilla JS to look like. In my opinion its a little more readable and a certain degree more relatable if you're coming from a backend background.

    I still prefer writing apps in something like C# though. Little bit of razor, little bit of value-added JS to make the page move smoothly.
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    In all seriousness, thanks, learned something new today :)
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    Typescript is more stable than JavaScript.

    Since it's a static language, it'll be easy for testing and debugging.
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