I was watching Ryan's talk on YouTube about "10 mistakes he regrets in Node " then on a point about node_modules he pulls this one up 😂

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    Mistake 0: leaving node community in the first place waiting for it to crash at some point.
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    @htlr well I don't see anything wrong in that he left nodejs project. Perhaps he is person who enjoys to create new things but don't like maintenance/update. Same for Rust-lang creator, he crated it and after it was enough mature he left.
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    @amatrelan Ryan was pretty sure node doesn't have good future when he left Node.js. But it grew, stole the hearts of many. Finally Ryan is back, but to kill node for good. Mistake?
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    @htlr well might be, but if he really creates something better than node I don't see any point to be against it that he left and now has new kid (project) to grow up
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    @amatrelan a mistake is a mistake accept it. I love that guy for his contributions to the community and with open hands we'll accept deno too. And am not against him at all, It takes real guts to talk about all the mistakes you did in front of the people who loved you for what you did.
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    @amatrelan he's creating another project that addresses issues he raised in the talk called "deno" https://github.com/ry/deno
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