Sometimes the answer is just ... savage.

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    Just like that font 🥴
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    Another clever duck that solves problems with its abstract and complex vision :')
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    Now imagine he actually doin it... 😂
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    Also really love that if he asked the question to any searchengine. One maybe not bing. But google or duck duck go would give him a answer in like 0.1 seconds
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    People who don't Google deserve what they get. It's so fucking annoying.

    Oh you don't wanna spend 5 minutes of your time to research but you want me to spend them explaining to you (which actually also spends your 5 minutes)???
    Sounds great let's do it!!


    #Triggered sorry :P happens to me a lot!
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    Thanks for circling out the only comment on this screenshot.
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    That font makes me want to bleach my eyes.
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    Nice rant plus nice comment as well, but what the fuck should I do with audio ?
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    @drekhi12 open up the Voice Memos app and click the red circle.
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    Nah import screenshots as keyframes into swf loop
    //The 90's called
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    Send a message to the Youtuber and ask for the raw footage of the video. You'll have the highest quality version, of that video, you can get
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    This is why rubber ducks don't talk back to developers.
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    this shit got me laughing so hard I almost pissed
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