CSS first or HTML first?

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    How could you write css without html? :P
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    Ofc you have to have HTML before applying CSS but do you have a minimalist HTML and spaghetti CSS or do you prefer lots of nesting in HTML and lots of classes and lots of lots of HTML code to have easier styling?

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    Well CSS syles HTML.

    That's like working on the interior of a house before it's built. Doesn't make too much sense in my opinion.
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    Are you trying to be scarcastic by recreating egg or chicken first? I hope not
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    @sudo-user My rant-question was not accurate enough. Read the first comment. I'm not being sarcastic. 1. Style in your head, make HTML, apply CSS (switch not too much between html and css) or 2. Style in HTML and CSS at the same time and instead of thinking before, you add new elements and classes and stuff to make styling easier.
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    HTML first of course, the structure then the style, you dont build a house styling it first, you structure it using foundation then style it. why is this even a question?
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    Minimalist html and spaghetti css lately for me
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    Both at the same time with Java script
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    HTML first
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    It's impossible to implement css without any element selector
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    @devTea @dotPy haha me too

    But later when you have to have automated sites and stuff, it'll be the second option I guess
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