Move ++ and -- to the right hand side? @dfox

It's a pain in the a++ to use the app one handed.

(Took me a few weeks to notice since the whole iPhone is a pain in the a++ to use one handed. )

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    just double tap the post or comment ;)
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    @bada I could. But:
    1) I don't want to
    2) I always forget that I can
    3) Fixing the issue with the gui is easier than training every single user to use the gesture shortcut instead of the gui.

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    I'm left handed and it is just right for me 😂
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    @Elkstorm in the world that I come from there are both right- and left handed people.
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    I'm actually left handed myself but use the right hand. So don't try to be left handed with me ;)

    On a serious note I would like a switch for left/right in the settings but I thought that it might be easier to get the team just changing the layout without adding config options. Kind of used to people going for easy over optimal so happy to see you wanting it done right :)
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    @Elkstorm I'm actually right handed and use my phone with left (in one handed mode) so don't you get all right handed with me ;)
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    @ctrlz Lol damn.
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    @Elkstorm is that a thing? do right handed people use phone more often with left and vise versa??
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    @ctrlz No idea actually. But I guess we can be sure that we have no idea how people actually use the phones when we design :)

    I sometimes take photos upside down to get the lens closer to the ground when doing "macro". Some photo apps immediately gets confused by that.
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