*meeting with boss about a quick site for one of her clients*

Boss- "okay so basically I just want you to copy the content from -already made site- and put it on the new one"

Me- "okay sure do you want it verbatim or "

Boss-"no but something similar"

Me-"okay so you want me to paraphrase this list that's on the homepage?"

Boss-"Well no we dont actually need the list at all as it isnt relevant to us so just take that out"

Me-"okay well that is the only thing on the homepage so what should I replace it with"

Boss-"I dont know, something similar to the list. You can figure something out"

Me-"....I dont know anything about the clients business. I am not going to just make up content, you guys can at least give me some direction there"

Boss-"i didnt think it would be that hard"

Me-"it's really not hard. You're making it harder than it needs to be for me though. Anyway, do you wanna keep the same exact pages as the other site or only transfer some of them or"

Boss-"something that resembles that website but isnt exactly it so some of the pages but not all"

Me-"which ones"

Boss-"the ones relevant to client's business"

Me-*closes notebook, stands up, starts to leave room*

Boss-"where are you going"

Me-"I'm going to get another two cups of coffee cause I didnt have enough this morning for this bullshit"

Boss-*raises eyebrow*

Me-"dont tell me to copy paste a website at first and then continue to tell me its going to be "similar" but different and then further continue to be as vague as possible about what is expected of me to be done in order to make it different! Take the time to decide what it is you want exactly and then tell me, with detail, what you're criteria is so I can do the thing!! I cant read your mind."

Boss-"..... I just didnt think it would be that hard to jot in a few sentences here and there"

I left the room at that point. Irritating as fuck. You dont know tech stuff, don't expect me to know enough about YOUR job to write about it as if I'm a professional. I cant fucking read minds, I have no interest in researching anything just to create the site content myself, and its fucking rude that they wont even take the time to sit down and decide what they want for a website that THEY are paying for. For fucks sake people get your fucking shit together

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    *clap* *clap*
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    This sounds surreal... Then again, genuine devRant material 😂
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    I lost brain cells from reading this
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    Just brilliant! I don't know If I had the balls to do that.
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    This reminds my some of my clients that was seriously pissing me off. Unfortunately, not getting their shit together was their theme.

    Good luck. Nice rant.
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    The best thing is when you do deliver something and the answer is. "that's not what we wanted"
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    @Fanvaron Welcome to devRant!
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    "Jot in a few sentences here and there". Somebody tell her that the times of copying the essay from a schoolmate is long gone.
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    “I didn’t think it would be that hard to...”

    Then do it yourself.
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    Please kick him in the balls for me, as hard as possible.
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    @teadrinker I would but she doesn't have any hahaha
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    @meowijuanas ... As I would have known if only I'd read your very first sentence properly...
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    Your still employed? My employer probably would sack anybody who gives him resistance this hard
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