Everytime I read a rant complaining about another human being, I wonder what would be the story of that person when faced that situation.

In my experience the root of most of evils is pride, we IT guys feel smart, or at least smarter than the rest, that put you in a throne, far away from the rest and incapable of experience sympathy; I honestly don't understand why, but sometimes I fall in the same game without noticing.

I consider most of problems have the same root and is something I am working on, it is hard, I mean, is a very old habit with a deep root in my soul, at the end, the real fight has been always against myself.

And believe me, work(any) gets better when you forget about all that self importance.

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    There are lots of similar angles to that. Like that famous quote that if you used all your wits to come up with a program your cleverness will not be sufficient to debug it.

    Or think of software as a social construct. All the unwritten contracts, underspecified API's between the different components you and your coworkers develop. The mostly implicit expectations of the testers and clients (if existent) of how the software should look and behave.
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    I'm able to have patience with technologically incompetent individuals who are trying.

    People who are lazy as fuck and won't read something right off their screen and follow the steps are someone I'm not sympathetic for. That's being a lazy sack of shit that won't try.
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    @ArcaneEye But you can also rant on the ranters. Just look at the pattern, e.g. the already dated psychogram of hackers in Bruce Sterling "The Hacker Crackdown" you'll find all the hubris of the hacker still today. And it permeates the whole culture of tech-savvy people to some extent. (But might just be a trait of human consciousness aka Zombic hunch)
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