In the zone, and listening to music.
Manager taps me on the shoulder.
I turn off my music, and face him.
He say "hi", and then walks away.

... Why?

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    is he your best pal? is he gay? is he the funny guy and is tapping people on the shoulder an inside joke? if none of these match then he is nobody special, just a dick.
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    I have a dude that likes to high five and fist bump when he's leaving the office. I've told him if my hands are on the keyboard not to bother me with shit like that. I've been able to leave him hanging for about 5 seconds before it's uncomfortable. Just say bye and leave.
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    I hope the writers of Silicon Valley are lurking because a high fiving interrupting guy bothering Guilfoyle would be too funny. I am laughing thinking of the possibilities 😂
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