Random fact #1

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) was producing Intel 8080 clones (AMD Am9080) before developing own CPUs. Originally they were produced without Intel license. This clone was developed basing on pictures of Intel 8080 itself and pictures of logic diagrams. These processors were much cheaper than the original model. Later AMD and Intel came up with agreement and the Am9080 was fully licensed making AMD official second party vendor.

And yeah, few years later and we got a war between two of those giants. Remember when in mid 2000s AMD almost beat the Intel marketshare?

Bonus Fact: there is AMD logo on Ferrari Formula 1 cars since 2002 (look at the front wing)

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    And the first AMD logo appearance in 2002 on F1 car (look at the back wing)
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    But...but...but it does not render faster on track 😢
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    @danzig666 Well, Ferrari is loosing 17 points to Mercedes at this moment...
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    AMD, prould partner of anything that is red and fast.
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    Random fact #2

    There is a random category, if you choose the option 'random' instead of 'rant' you won't get the tag 'rant' anymore. Instead you will get the 'random' tag 🙃

    Handy to know for next time 😉
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    @incognito yeah, sorry. You're right
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